PosterDot is an application that helps preparing printed advertisement banners.

It allows to add to banner images given by the customer elements like weld hems, grommets or pole pockets and generate output files ready to be printed. There is a lot of customization (size, color, etc.) and automation (space between grommets, positioning, etc.) available which gives a lot of freedom and speeds up achieving the desired results.

The application is written in C++, uses Qt framework and open source image libraries. Currently it is released for Windows only but creating other versions (e.g. for Linux) is possible.

Place the Block

Place the Block is a simple puzzle game.

Place the Block has a simple logic. Player places randomly generated pieces on the board; when a row or column is full it is removed. The game continues until player has no more possible moves.

The game was made using Unity game engine and the code was written in C# language. It was built and tested on Android and Windows platforms.

Open Source

Open Source plays important role in todays development processes. It reduces software acquisition costs, enhances diversity and scale, simplifies collaboration and much, much more.

OCTAEDR solutions frequently use open source solution. Jenkins, Eclipse, CMake, GCC, Linux and others - all provide a lot of value and helps to build the software faster and with better quality.

Jennifer White said: “If you don't receive enough, have a look if you give enough”. Please check some of the creations OCTAEDR offered to the community.

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